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22/01/22 at 7:30pm, Fitzpatrick Hall at Queens' College: Opening Concert

Free tickets available here:


08/02/22 at Trinity Hall: Music for Voice and Piano, performed by Hannah Dienes-Williams (soprano) and George Herbert (piano)

featuring music by Helen Grime and Charlotte Bray

09/02/22 at 9pm, Emmanuel College: Mixed programme of music, performed by students at Emmanuel

16/02/22 at 1:20pm, Newnham College: Music for Voice and Piano

featuring Ella Jarman-Pinto's 'Songs for Marvellous', and student composers

20/02/22 at 8:30pm, Selwyn College: Mixed programme of instrumental music, performed by students at Selwyn

22/02/22 at St John's Divinity School, time tbc: Music for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano, as part of the Cambridge University Lunchtime Concert Series

featuring music by Marisse Cato, Lily Blundell, Jemma Jeffery, Marcella Keating, and Georgia Denham

24/02/22 at Queens' College: Recital of music for Piano


01/03/22, at 6:15pm, Murray Edwards College (FDR) – Recital

The Left Bank wind quintet and Emily Porter (flute) will perform exclusively music by women composers.

CANCELLED 07/03/22, at 8pm, Newnham College Hall: Closing Concert

featuring "ant music" by Pia Rose Scattergood and "Sun Warrior" by Eleanor Alberga


10/03/22 at 9pm, Fitzwilliam College: Music by Byzantine Hymnographer Kassia, performed by Catherine Groom and Rebecca Severy, voices and medieval harps


27/02/22, 5:45pm at Churchill College Chapel: Evensong

CANTICLES Lizzie Wheeler

PRECES & RESPONSES Joanna Forbes L’Estrange

PSALM 46 Rosie Dunn

ANTHEM Alice Mary Smith Whoso hath this world’s goods

06/03/22, 5:45pm at Murray Edwards (FDR): Music & Words

Address: Work & Women - Dr Garima Sahai

Alice Mary Smith – Whoso hath this world’s goods

Fanny Hensel – Schilflied

Sarah MacDonald – Crux Fidelis

Undine Smith Moore – I would be true

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